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Modern Age Solutions is a software solutions services provider delivering innovative technology solutions to businesses. We are proud to have our cutting edge, fully owned and private infrastructure in the cloud, enabling our clients to fully tailor their infrastructure in an instant. We are passionate about the strict application of best-practice standards for all clients, and have often been known to go the extra mile to ensure an optimum client experience. The result is customer retention rates that we are justifiably proud of. We are an IT services company using the power of technology to build better futures for our customers and communities at large.

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About Us

Who We Are

Modern age is a Solution driven company with the Mission of transforming the society into a critical Information technology service in the next step of ever evolving Technological Age. We cut across all the technological areas with our experienced experts ready to take you to the next step in the MODERN AGE ERA.

What We Do

We do the following services: Web Development. Software Integration. IT Consultancy Services. SMEs Software’s. Supply of IOT (Internet of Things) and related devices. Networking of IOT (Internet of Things) devices. Computer infrastructure Set-up. Maintenance of computer Infrastructure.

Why Choose Us

We believe we are the Best IT service provider in the Region with our customers interest at the core of our values. The evaluation and Analyzing process of coming up with the bespoke Solution is what differentiate Us.

Our Services

Web Development

It’s time for your organization to have an amazing website anything less is unacceptable. Modern Age offers an array of web design and development services that will make an IMPACT on your audience and increase engagement, ultimately leading to further ROI. Stop being embarrassed by your website and turn it into a valuable assets. Our developers’ expertise in various coding languages, Content Management Systems, and functionality means that no website project is too complicated for us to handle. Allow Modern Age to follow through in the online delivery of your vision.

software integration

Systemintegration enables communication between many independent systems andtheir processes. When we connect different systems and applications you get faster communication with a higher security in your internal and external processes. Flexible organizations, where cooperation and optimization for existing or new business areas are in focus, have already created and implemented softwareintegration. Modernage Solution has abundance of experience and technical savoir faire in the integration of business software.

IT consultancy services

We provide a range of services to help you get the most out of your IT Solutions and get an edge over your competitors. We can help you with a detailed audit of your IT systems. We can streamline your business workflows, assist in project management, advise you on the best document and accounts management solutions, outline the full benefits of VoIP or help you develop an effective IT Strategy.

SME's Software’s

The tailored comprehensive ERP’s developed for our clients include a comprehensive range of services and integrated modules.
Customer Relationship Management Supply Chain Management Management Information Systems Sales Management Accounting and Financial Management Material Planning Quality Management Inventory Management Product Management BI/KPI Consol

Supply of IOT (Internet of Things) and related devices

We at modern age solutions, facilitate the supply of all advanced new electronic devices i.e. Full Computer setups, All in one desktops, Laptops of all specifications, Routers, UPS, CCTV (full package and also spyware cameras), Keyboards and mouse, HDD, SSD, External Hard Drives, RAM replacements and upgrade, Any other office equipment as per the customers’ requirements to enable smooth day to day operations and also enable or facilitate ease to internet access across all departments of the enterprise.

Networking of IOT (Internet of Things) devices

At Modern Age Solutions we have specialized Professionals who are equipped with sufficient skills required for developing Networks for Internet connections between the clients company and the world. Apart from connection to the internet, we also have skills for intranet networking enabling smooth, clear and swift communication within the company.

Computer infrastructure Set-up

A sophisticated, well-managed IT infrastructure provides reliable security, strong speeds and connectivity, support and accessibility for employees, and a satisfying user experience for your clients. These elements include the computers, servers, networking, data, storage, physical and virtual facilities as well as software, processes, policies, staffing, training, security, mobile and virtual functionality, and cloud-based services that make up the IT infrastructure. Modern age solution provides the best up-to date Computer Infrastructure required or as specified by the clients’ needs.

Maintenance of computer Infrastructure

At Modern Age Solutions we provide continuous maintenance support to our clients and ensure all electronics and devices are in good and working condition to enable optimum operations at the firm.

Our Portfolio

Package ERP implementation

We have developed flexible framework for suchtailor-built Enterprise application development andhave successfully implemented solutions for mid-sized concerns in the following industries:

Process Manufacturing implementation

Retail and Distribution implementation

Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution

Financial and Point of Sale Systems



Open Source ERP and CRM



Business Management Software



Car Wash System Made Easy



Local Work/Domain Email Hosting

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Nairobi, Kenya.

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